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Dagan Agricultural Automation is establishing agricultural projects and one of the leading providers of inovative technology, related to the most common agricultural disciplines.
Dagan’s ability to tailor agricultural solutions to the customer’s needs is the result of over thirty-three years of experience, both in Israel and around the world in a diverse physical and business environments.

Dagan Automation specializes in all stages of the professional activity, from planning and engineering, production, integration and support of technical/technological systems to the development of methods and products that ensure the realization of effective and profitable results.

The solutions proposed by Dagan Automation  in the fields of agricultural automation  include greenhouses, tree nurseries, net houses, tunnels, and open fields on the one hand; and animal breeding farms such as pig farms, dairies, chicken coops, and aquacultures on the other.

The systems provided by Dagan Automation successfully combine technologies from various related scientific fields: Computerized systems for climate control, electrical boards and cabinets, command and control, water treatment systems, and pressurized irrigation systems, as well as nutrition and fertilization systems.

Dagan Automation has a professional team of advisors, agronomists and engineers with both comprehensive knowledge and international experience in all the fields of agriculture. In addition, the company engages in research and development and in providing related services such as economic feasibility analyses, engineering and planning, business plans, logistical support, documentation and training.

We will be happy to be of service and to provide solutions tailored to your satisfaction in the many diverse fields of the automation industry in agriculture. 

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