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The experience and knowledge accumulated by Dagan Automation and the team of agronomists as its disposal enable it to continue to support the customer even after the installation of the agricultural project is completed. The professional support can be provided either remotely or directly. In  many large and complex agricultural projects, it was only proper to station an agronomist/ experts who lives in the area of the project 24/7 and trains the local team in all the possible aspects of crop growing: Climate control, plant (or animal or piscine) physiology, fertilization and irrigation, diseases and pests, modern and optimal crops interfaces and more… in order to optimize the technological/biological potential of the project, in accordance with the business plan. The site is then visited by the chief agronomist and/or the relevant professional of the company, who along with the agronomist/farmer shall help solve various ongoing problems.

After some time, the customer may, at his discretion and in any event, announce his professional maturity in order to manage the project himself independently. It is then that Dagan Automation  may offer the customer professional support via predetermined or occasional visits, when  necessary.

Either way, the professional support complements the planning and installation stages and assures the customer that Dagan Automation remains in the field many years after a successful installation.

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